AstrologyAPI — The Trend Setter

The World had seen a lot of changes in the last few decades. Time had traveled faster than light, I guess. Our hands were still playing with Gmail and Yahoo, when Orkut made it’s revolutionary appearance. Social Media was introduced to us. And then the era became more advanced with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. But have you ever tried to understand how these Social Media can act so fast. Most of us don’t and I think that’s reasonable because all of us are not Techies.

The technology behind the show is API — Application Program Interface.It acts as an interface which operates in a much faster way.

Faster and Smarter, these were the stimulators that had given birth to the idea of AstrologyAPI.

Astrology is a vast subject and let’s not get into that discussion. Coz we all know it’s as vast as our Universe. A single prediction takes a lot of time and tedious as well. A lot of calculations, complex algorithms are required for just a single prediction. And not to forget a lot of dedication is required.

On the contrary the world is running fast. No one has time to stick to one particular thing for long. Always hunting for new. In the modern world of technology, every individual is completely dependant on internet. Mobile Apps and responsive websites had made things accessible on the go.

It is most likely of human nature, that they want to know about their daily wellbeing. But are they eager to spend time for this? The answer is a big NO. They want everything handy.

So feed them with what they are looking for.

AstrologyAPI can bridge the gap. An API that is easy to integrate. Yet powerful. It helps to generate match-making reports, horoscope reports, astrological analysis etc. The best part is, it can get adapted to the theme and colour of your website or app.

But could I make my point clear yet? I doubt.

Ok let me make a blunt statement. This API is not meant only for astrology sites. Yes, you read it correct.

It can get integrated with any type of websites or apps, be it lifestyle and entertainment, astrologer’s sites, matchmaking sites, dating sites, news portal and the list goes on.

Many a times, users may get bored and stop visiting your website or using your app. AstrologyAPI can be a saviour in such a situation. This API will help you to generate daily predictions. So in the process you are giving your users something New everyday. State their lucky colors, pin point the do’s and dont’s of the day, their lucky stone, what can work out the best and so on. Give them that extra little information. And trust me they will feel better. You can create a dependency through the process. The more eager they would be, the more connected they will stay.

I forgot to mention that our predictions are not generic. They are specific and accurate depending on the data that is fed. So no repetitions, no wrong information, nothing apart from being genuine and specific. You, know these things are very trivial, but for sure will keep your visitors tuned in.

We got a 14 days free trial package for you. In case if you want to try it out you can always visit us at

We want to share a lot with you. Stay with us. Keep following. Till then Ciao.

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