#GotanIdea Challenge 2017, Raise seed funds upto INR 20,00,000

Inviting Startup SMEs involving innovations & new technologies.
In pursuit of innovation, we are back with #GotanIdea challenge 2017 (Season 2) in association with SINED (TBI), NDRI, Karnal, to find, nurture and grow original thinkers and innovators.  We are always seeking to innovate, learn & interact with our startups. Since its inception in October 2015, Aarambh has helped 3 of its startups close seed round successfully and three more are undergoing acceleration at its Gurgaon office.

There is a new breed of early stage startup SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) struggling between debt & equity. This year #GotanIdea challenge is trying to address this equity gap among Startup SMEs in INDIA. We are trying to fill the gap created by seed stage VCs and Banks / FIs attributed to the risks associated with early stage Startup SMEs & NPAs respectively….

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Startup SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises)  working in fast growing & dynamic sectors viz media & entertainment, emerging technologies, life sciences, health care, biotechnology, food & agriculture and manufacturing  are eligible to participate.

Key Dates

Application Open – 05.05.2017
Application Due – 11.06.2017
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Who can apply ?

Start up SMEs involving innovations & new technologies and require upfront investment in CAPEX and are unable to access alternative sources of capital like angel fund / venture capital fund.
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#GotanIdea Challenge 2017
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