#GotanIdea Challenge 2017

In pursuit of innovation, we are back with #GotanIdea challenge 2017 (season 2), in association with Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Dairying (SINED), TBI, NDRI, Karnal to find, nurture and grow original thinkers and innovators.Since its inception in October 2015, Aarambh Ventures has helped three of its startups close seed round successfully and three more are undergoing acceleration.

There is a new breed of early stage startup SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) struggling between debt & equity. This year #GotanIdea challenge is trying to address the equity gap among Startup SMEs in INDIA. We are trying to fill this gap created by seed stage VCs and Banks / FIs attributed to the risks associated with early stage Startup SMEs & NPAs respectively. 


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